Welcome to Ridgetop Farms

Ridgetop Farms operates a 180 acres beef cattle farm in Cherry Ridge Township, Wayne County, PA. The two principal commodities produces are Angus feeder cattle and quality hay.  Each spring Ridgetop buys 80-100 feeder calves ranging from 500-650 lbs and grazes them for approximately 180 days. Cattle are then generally moved to commercial feedlots where they are fed a controlled corn and alfalfa ration for 120 to 200 days to insure tenderness, before harvesting. Our beef products may be purchased from one of the Lancaster County, PA feedlots.

We buy as many calves as possible from local cow-calf producers - in April and May - and then import the remainder from the Southeastern U.S.

The owners of Ridgetop are proud Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certified producers. All cattle are raised, processed and transported in accordance with Pennsylvania and National Cattlemen Beef Association BQA standards. All cattle are electronically identified and complete medical and life cycle records are maintained.

Ridgetop also produces and markets approximately 120 tons of quality hay annually. This hay is baled in small square bales and contains a mix of clover, orchard grass and timothy. It is marketed locally and Commonwealth wide to wholesalers, equine owners, dairy and beef producers to exotic animal breeders.

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